Bulldogs News · School Safety Guidelines for Reopening

This school term, there will be two options for student instruction.
FIRST OPTION: students may choose the At-school, Traditional and Blended Instruction Option. This option requires daily regular school attendance.
SECOND OPTION: students may choose the Virtual School Option and receive instruction online from home.
Please review the one page School Safety Guidelines for Instruction below. This document is designed to inform parents of the steps being taken at school to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and assist parents in making this important decision.
The deadline for deciding whether your child will attend school under the Traditional, At-school option or will participate in instruction through the Virtual option will be July 29, 2020. Students attending using the Virtual option MUST be registered. You may register for Virtual School by going to https://www.tinyurl.com/PCSVirtual2020. If you have problem registering, please contact Mrs. Diana Whitaker at 334-566-1850.
Students will not be permitted to shift back and forth between Traditional and Virtual options. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenging nature of the virtual program. a trial period will be offered. Virtual students will have until September 4, 2020 to decide if virtual learning is right for them or if they should return to school to participate in traditional/blended instruction. After that date, students enrolled in virtual learning will be required to remain in the program through December 2020.
Students not registered for the Virtual option will be expected to attend school on campus beginning August 24, 2020.
Dr. Mark Bazzell, Superintendent